inteliLIGHT’s adaptive lighting features, boosted with radar-based motion detection technology

Flashnet's third-generation street lighting control software promises to be more than just an upgrade

inteliLIGHT, Flashnet’s connected lighting solution and innovation leader in the smart street lighting industry, is enhancing its adaptive lighting features with best in class radar-based motion detection from Comlight, Norway.

Flashnet and Comlight have initiated a strategic partnership to improve inteliLIGHT’s adaptive street lighting capabilities. The cooperation aims to integrate Comlight’s radar-based motion detection technology into Flashnet’s inteliLIGHT® smart street lighting control solution.

Flashnet's third-generation street lighting control software promises to be more than just an upgrade

All inteliLIGHT controllers are available today to be used with motion sensors, enabling adaptive lighting. Regardless of controller form factor or communication technology, PIR, CCTV or inductive loop based sensors have already been used in inteliLIGHT projects all over the world. As an addition, using Comlight’s radar detection, inteliLIGHT can now be used in configurations with simple adaptive lighting (where one sensor can be used to dynamically turn on or dim down entire groups of lamps) as well as in follow-me-light setups.

Comlight sensors will be integrated with inteliLIGHT’s streetlight controllers at the luminaire level, an advanced doppler radar motion sensor can be mounted at each light point or at one pole for a group of luminaires. The inteliLIGHT device controls the light intensity of the road lighting and if the Comlight sensor detects that there is no traffic, the light is reduced. The technology is designed to increase light output to full power whenever a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle is detected, for any outdoor lighting project.

The system offers substantial energy savings along with maximum safety by providing full light to oncoming traffic. All this is possible because, besides known benefits of radar detection compared to PIR (improved reliability in poor weather conditions), Comlight’s sensors can differentiate between slow moving (pedestrians, bicycles etc) and fast-moving objects (vehicles).

Lorand Mozes, CEO of Flashnet: “With inteliLIGHT, we have been at the forefront of the IoT revolution in street lighting control. Today, our partnership with Comlight takes things a bit further: it enhances our natural incline towards innovation, integration, information and automation to create a better city-centric and people-centric smart lighting solution.”

All communication technologies supported by inteliLIGHT® (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M etc.) and all the form factors (Zhaga, NEMA, embedded and wire-connected streetlight controllers) will be available for the new dynamic adaptive lighting.

“The cooperation with Flashnet is a brilliant opportunity for Comlight to grow our market reach and join forces with a visionary and rapidly growing player in the lighting industry.”, Jan O Endrerud CEO of Comlight says.” Our Comlight Zhaga motion sensing controller is easy to integrate, and fits perfectly into Flashnet’s product offering”, Endrerud continues.


Comlight provides motion-based light controller for outdoor lighting. The company was established in 2007, its technology developed and improved over several iterations. Comlights technology has reached a high maturity level, and Comlight has already installed numerous systems in many markets in- and outside Europe. (

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