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InteliLIGHT® Streetlight Management System is a product of FLASHNET SA, an ENGIE company.

FLASHNET is a technology company based in Brasov, Romania, that integrates hardware and software in order to develop intelligent services for smarter cities. Our vision is to improve urban synergy and people’s lives through continuous research and development. We have aimed for innovation as the only driving force for a better society ever since FLASHNET’s establishment, in 2005. Since 2018, FLASHNET is part of ENGIE group.

All Flashnet products are built today with the future in mind, using the newest applications and technologies available. Our experience, gained from previous projects and current professional challenges recommends Flashnet as a serious partner, delivering high standards of products and services.

Also, Brasov is already recognized as an important technology and software development centre in Romania, and Flashnet is supporting it by using local human and material resources for the production facilities, software development and research teams. Its socially responsible activity and local involvement ensure the sustainable development on the long run, especially considering the best asset of the company: its enthusiastic people.

InteliLIGHT® Street Lighting Remote Management, city-wide Wi-Fi connectivity, Electric Vehicles Charging and Near Zero Street Lighting Energy Costs are just a few of Flashnet’s current projects and interests.

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2021 Certificate FLASHNET_ISO-45001