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inteliLIGHT smarts up the street lighting for yet another community in Greece, in the Elis region

Decreasing energy and maintenance costs, better grid awareness and faster repairs are some of the benefits that convinced a Greek town to upgrade its lighting network. Flashnet together with Sirecled responded to the lighting infrastructure needs of the town by installing a combination of inteliLIGHT individual lamp controllers and FRCM lighting cabinet controllers.

Automatic street lighting control and fault detection for smart, flexible and responsible cities

For achieving the ambitious goals of cities, street lights are expected to go beyond their basic purpose of illuminating public spaces. They are being asked to reduce energy consumption, improve safety for all the traffic participants, reduce the overall grid management and be transformed into a strong foundation for other IoT applications. How could an automatic street lighting system do all of that?

Smart street lighting paves the way for smart cities all over the world

From street lighting to smart lighting. From smart lighting to smart cities. Driven by the need of sustainability and control, cities are embracing smart solutions. This article has identified some of those drivers and answered what makes street lighting a fantastic infrastructure option for smart city development. It explains how other technologies can be added to the lighting system and what is the role of IoT communication technologies in the integration of smart applications.

From smart city to smart campus with the inteliLIGHT smart street lighting solution

Flashnet, together with Ingenia, will support a leading University from Spain in making the jump to a smart and innovative Campus. The installation of inteliLIGHT LoRAWAN compatible controllers will encourage students to engage safely and more deeply with the campus life, while helping the university manage costs and support the efficient use of resources.

inteliLIGHT, to provide its smart lighting solution for a 10-year public lighting project in Brussels

inteliLIGHT, Flashnet’s smart lighting solution, has successfully passed testing stages and has been nominated by Sibelga, among selected suppliers, for a contract in Brussels that will run for the next 10 years. Once again, inteliLIGHT was chosen for being one of the most interoperable smart street lighting solutions.

Flashnet and Megason: a partnership for Israel’s Smart City development

Megason (part of Electra Group), a leading supplier of smart and integrated security solutions for Israel, has successfully deployed the inteliLIGHT Smart Street Lighting solution in one of the country's largest municipalities, Modi'in. The system uses SIM cards from Partner, one of the most important communications operators in Israel, and sets the foundation for the city’s Smart future.

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