InteliLIGHT® is a reliable plug-and-play turnkey solution, supported by a proven 4-steps implementation process. It doesn’t mean that implementing InteliLIGHT® is simple, but we do most of the work. All you have to do is marked in orange, leave the rest to us!


You need a better and a greener city and you contact us to upgrade your street lighting grid.


We provide basic system information and the start-up questionnaire.


You send us all the relevant street lighting infrastructure information and details about your specific needs.


After the technical assessment, we present you the technical solution, the budget and deployment timeline.


You evaluate our proposal, then choose a functionality demonstration or a pilot project deployment.


We custom tailor inteliLIGHT® and we coordinate and manage system demonstrations.


You validate the demonstration outcome, we sign the agreement and start the actual implementation.


We coordinate the project deployment together with our local implementation partner.


We organize all necessary user training sessions and system presentations to ensure successful system operation.


After the implementation, we provide 24/7 technical support.


    In order to start a detailed projection about InteliLIGHT®’s outcome in your city, we need you to send us relevant street lighting infrastructure information and some details about your specific needs. Please start by filling in the form below:

    1. Where is the installation located ?*

    2. In which City ?*

    3. What is the total number of street lighting luminaires for the project?*

    4. Does the project require feeder pillar level control and monitoring?*

    NoYes (number):

    5. What is the type of the ballast/driver of the luminaires included in the project?*

    Non-dimmableDimmable 0-10V or 1-10VDimmable DALIDimmable other (please give details):

    6. What is the type of bulb?*

    HPS (High Pressure Sodium)MH (Metal Halide)LPS (Low Pressure Sodium)LED (Light Emitting Diode)HalogenIncandescentInduction lightOther:

    7. Please specify the number of lamps for each lamp wattage:

    8. What is your street lighting network voltage?*


    9. What connectivity do you want to use for the management of the streetlights?*

    LonWorks PLC (PowerLine Communication)LoRaWANNB-IoT / Narrowband IoTSigfoxUndecided, please advise!Other:


    P.1 What is your electricity network's frequency?*


    P.2 How are the power supply cables deployed?*

    UndergroundOverhead twisted cablesOverhead without insulationOther

    P.3 Do you use separate neutral line or is it common with the ground line?*

    Separate neutral lineCommon with the ground line

    P.4 What is the maximum distance between a transformer station and the first pole?*

    P.5 What is the outside diameter of the power cable between the main fuse and contactor? *

    P.6 hat is the maximum distance between poles?*

    P.7 Is IP communication connectivity available at transformer stations? *



    L.1 Is there an existing LoRaWAN network in the area?*



    L.1.1 Please specify:

    L.2. Please confirm if in the area of the project one of the below regional parameter settings can be used, as described in the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 specifications:

    EU 868MHzUS 915MHzAU 923MHzAS 923MHzSK 923MHzOther:

    All fields marked with * are required.