Flashnet strengthens its presence in the US market with Verizon Open Development Certification 


FLASHNET’s strategic thrust into the United States of America takes a significant leap forward. We are thrilled to announce that our luminaire controller is now Verizon Open Development certified. 

Following rigorous functional assessments that prove the unmatched reliability and quality, the inteliLIGHT FRE-220-NEMA-NB1-M1-G has received the prestigious approval through Verizon’s Open Development certification process. This accolade ensures that our device not only operates seamlessly on the USA’s most trusted wireless data network but also upholds the gold standard of technological innovation.

So, what does the Verizon Open Development certification means for FLASHNET and our customers?

For FLASHNET, it’s an affirmation of our commitment to quality and innovation. It propels our presence in the U.S, offering us the confirmation to showcase our prowess and collaborate extensively across various cities and regions.

For our customers, it brings a promise of reliability, as they’re investing in a certified solution backed by a leading global network. They’re assured of receiving the highest standards of service, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

Beyond the certification, our footprint in the country is already taking shape with successful projects, such as the one in Washington. The nation’s capital has witnessed the transformative power of our inteliLIGHT solution, bringing a more sustainable and efficient lighting system to its urban tapestry. With its adaptive control capabilities, it allows city administrations to optimize energy consumption, reduce operational costs, and enhance the security and quality of services provided to residents.

Our aspiration is to replicate the success seen in Washington, D.C. across other U.S cities. As Alexandru Buzatu, FLASHNET’s Global Commercial Director expressed, “The Verizon Open Development certification serves as a catalyst for more cities to embrace the intelligence and adaptability of inteliLIGHT. As we deepen our presence, we’re eager to co-create brighter, smarter urban experiences in collaboration with local stakeholders.”

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