inteliLIGHT® manages a logistic park nearBucharest

The location

The customer was a logistics park near Bucharest, ROMANIA, with an area of 214,000 square meters and a total of 322 exterior lighting fixtures. The objective was to optimize energy consumption and maintenance, without negatively affecting the activity of the companies using these facilities.

The challenge

With the clear intention to offer better services and competitive prices to the park’s residents, the management’s request was that of an intelligent remote management system for the outdoor lighting of the industrial park, in order to optimize the energy consumption and maintenance tasks. As we needed to stay within a tight budget and with limited access to financing, we kept the implementation as light and affordable as possible.

The deployment

The system manages the pre-existing fixtures and, being a small scale project and with significant budget restraints, the software of choice was inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control Lite; Lite is our entry-level, light and affordable software option. This standalone Network Management Software can efficiently manage up to 5000 controllers (inteliLIGHT® or other manufacturer), offering basic controls over the lighting installations (map visualization of managed devices, switching the lights ON/OFF, dimming the lights, management of other devices and a multi-language interface)

According to the client’s preferred schedule, the dimming began at 22:00, decreasing light intensity to 50% until morning.

The results

Comparative tests performed without and with inteliLIGHT® installed showed a 31% decrease in energy consumption. Lower energy consumption means reduced expenditures for the residents of the logistics park and consequently, an advantage over the competition for everyone involved.

Energy saved (estimated): 196 MW per year