Using the inteliLIGHT® remote management platform, Brasov is one of the first European cities to witness Electric Vehicle charging directly from the street lighting grid.

Replacing vehicles that use fossil fuel is one of the critical objectives when trying to reduce global pollution. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more and more widespread, but their large-scale adoption still faces many obstacles: from the high initial costs to the lack of a widespread charging infrastructure.

The technology, developed by Flashnet, makes it easy to attach EV Charging plugs directly to the street lighting poles, while the charging management can be integrated in the same software application as the public lighting. Therefore, EV charging stations can be implemented everywhere in the city in a matter of months, without the need of extensive civil works.

The integrated solution allows different payment methods (as prepay or post-pay), but the local authorities plans to promote Brasov as a cleaner and more responsible city by offering this service free of charge, in order to encourage the local usage of electrical vehicles.

Based on open protocols, the street lighting management solution provided by inteliLIGHT® offers complete compatibility and interoperability with multiple vendor agnostic controllers, sensors and smart city applications.