inteliLIGHT® Sigfox compatible streetlight management solution

available from Q2 2017

inteliLIGHT® Sigfox compatible streetlight management solution, available from Q2 2017

inteliLIGHT® Sigfox compatible controllers have been announced, joining benefits between Flashnet’s leading connected street lighting solution and the worldwide availability of Sigfox’s IoT network coverage.

Brasov – ROMANIA, March 9-th 2017

Sigfox is a cellular style communication technology that provides low power, low data rate and low communication costs for Internet of Things and M2M applications. It employs Ultra-Narrow Band (UNB) technology, which enables very low transmitter power levels to be used while still being able to maintain a robust data connection, using unlicensed ISM radio bands. Due to the scalable network topology, based on a simple and easy to rollout star-based cell infrastructure, together with the LPWAN capabilities and IoT readiness, Sigfox operators have extended rapidly in the last years. Officially, today there are more than 486 million people living in more than 40 countries with Sigfox network coverage.

Using Sigfox’s outstanding coverage, inteliLIGHT® streetlight control deployment becomes a fast plug-and-play process, decreasing significantly the installation costs. Practically, using an existent network provider, any city can have access to the full range of connected lighting benefits within days: autonomous lighting ON/OFF and dimming operation, detailed electrical parameters and grid awareness, advanced maintenance and optimization tools. Energy costs are immediately reduced by up to 35% through intelligent light switching, dimming and efficient energy management, while overall operational costs can be decreased by up to 42% through detailed maintenance and preventive grid interventions based on system generated reports.

In addition to lighting benefits, many sensors and IoT devices can be supplied from the street lighting grid, using any available communication and being coordinated through inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control Software or other dedicated application. Some of them will target to improve the citizens’ lives and help maintain a safer city environment, others will simply help manage the street lighting more efficiently (as light sensors, cabinet and pole door open sensors, pole impact sensors or cable cut detection). Also, the system supports API connectivity with major city management applications, integrating synergistically with other city systems.

inteliLIGHT® Sigfox compatible controllers will allow fast and reliable street lighting management deployments for thousands of cities worldwide, proving that the benefi­ts of modern connected lighting do not need long and painstaking installation processes anymore. By connecting to existing Sigfox networks, inteliLIGHT® can now be implemented immediately, without diffi­cult and costly network planning and deployment. We are currently developing the technology and integrations, our plan is to make it available for commercial testing by Q2, 2017.” said Lorand Mozes, CEO of Flashnet®.

inteliLIGHT® controllers have been already tested in hundreds of lighting control projects all over the world, using different communication technologies. Considering the recent expansion of IoT networks, Flashnet® aims to integrate most relevant communication technologies intro its control system. This initiative will allow unhindered freedom for the municipalities and integrators, who will have an increased number of installation options and will be able to use existing telco infrastructure. Furthermore, all inteliLIGHT® controllers are available in three different form factors: as a wired upgrade for existing lighting installations, as a 7-pin NEMA connectable device (ANSI C136.41) or compact, to be embedded into luminaries right from the production line.

About Sigfox

Sigfox is probably the biggest IoT ecosystem. From predictive maintenance, asset management to crop management or pallet tracking it has given life to more than 8 million objects across the world. (

About inteliLIGHT®

inteliLIGHT® is a reliable remote street lighting management solution developed by Flashnet. It ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed, encouraging better resources management and sustainability. By upgrading your existing street lighting infrastructure, you not only save money and improve efficiency, but also transform the existing distribution level network into an intelligent infrastructure for the future. (


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