inteliLIGHT®, part of the Smart City ecosystem envisioned during the 8th LoRa Alliance™ meeting

LoRa Alliance™ is expanding, and inteliLIGHT® LoRaWAN™ compatible streetlight control becomes easier to integrate with existing and future city systems, encouraging a holistic and synergistic approach to Smart Cities.

The second LoRa Alliance ALL MEMBERS MEETINGS & OPEN HOUSE this year was held in early June 2017 in The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA. Comcast, the US company hosting the event, succeeded to bring together the Philadelphia city officials and LoRaWAN™ IoT technology and Smart City solution providers.

The three-in-one event started with a Smart City Hackathon organized by Comcast’s machineQ initiative, where technology enthusiasts and Smart City startups focused on solving Smart City challenges using IoT. The winning project, Smart Alert for Safety, uses sensors to transmit seasonal and structural data to the machineQ service in order to save lives and prevent property damage. The concept features configurable, multi-lingual alerts that can text or call people if they’re at risk, such as elderly people on a hot day.

The LoRa Alliance™ all members meeting, the next event of the week, announced surpassing the 500 members mark for the Alliance and succeeded to expand LoRaWAN™ protocol deployments. The meeting, focused on the geographical expansion of LoRaWAN™, implemented the latest updates to regional parameters, including support for India and upgrades to Australian and Korean bands. Furthermore, the marketing committee approved the new and refreshed identity design, featuring technology solutions that intertwine with modern city landscapes, forming a smart city symbiosis.

“The LoRaWAN protocol is being adopted so quickly because it provides an open standard with 10+ years of node battery operation, a range of 10+ kilometers and an average node bill of materials of less than $10, providing a wide-area alternative to the high cost, complexity and overhead of other network implementations,” said Geoff Mulligan, chairman of the LoRa Alliance™. “We continue to build on these advantages by actively working to extend the global reach of our IoT ecosystem, and by quickly responding to market changes to increase network capabilities.”

As one of the most innovative smart street lighting solutions and the first one to integrate LoRaWAN™, inteliLIGHT® showcased its NEMA socket smart street lighting controller with photocell enhancement. With autonomous operation based on predefined schedules and combined with the readings of the light level sensor, the new controllers enable a more reliable streetlight operation for any lamps with electronic ballast up to 400W.

Furthermore, Lorand Mozes, Flashnet CEO, was one of the speakers during the Technology panel section of the Smart Cities Summit, the third event in the series. Besides the members of the LoRa Alliance™, the summit was attended by Philadelphia city mayor and its CIO, local personalities actively involved in improving city management. Mr. Mozes offered details about inteliLIGHT® street lighting management solution and the challenges of deploying such solutions in smart cities today.

About LoRaWAN and Lora Alliance ™

The LoRa Alliance is an open, nonprofit association that has grown to over 500 members since its inception in March 2015, becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the technology sector. Its members are closely collaborating and sharing their experience to promote the LoRaWAN protocol as the leading open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity. With the technical flexibility to address a broad range of IoT applications, both static and mobile, and a certification program to guarantee interoperability, LoRaWAN has already been deployed by major mobile network operators globally, with wide expansion anticipated in 2017. (

About Comcast

Comcast Corporation is an American global telecommunications conglomerate, the largest broadcasting and cable television provider in the world by revenue. It is the second-largest pay-TV company, largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States, and the nation’s third-largest home telephone service provider. ( machineQ is a new Comcast service that leverages the latest in sensor, network, and software technologies to gather, transmit, and create actionable intelligence from the physical world. (


FLASHNET is a fast-paced tech company that integrates the latest IT, energy and telecommunications technologies into hardware and software solutions, creating and implementing intelligent systems for smarter cities and better infrastructure. Founded in 2005, FLASHNET is a leader in intelligent utility management systems, with worldwide operations. Flashnet is a member of the LoRa Alliance™. (

About inteliLIGHT®

inteliLIGHT® is a smart street lighting control solution that offers detailed lamp-level management capabilities and ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed. In-depth grid awareness is obtained through accurate utility-grade readings of any changes occurring along the grid, reducing energy loss and offering advanced maintenance optimization tools. Using the existing infrastructure, you can have live detailed information over the grid and transform the existing distribution level network into an intelligent infrastructure of the future. (