inteliLIGHT® FPM-402 LonWorks® PLC compatible – electronic ballast controller

Designed for carrying out the remote management of a luminary in street lighting installations InteliLIGHT® FPM- 402 is compatible with lamps using electromagnetic ballast up to 400W, for both HPS and MH HID lamps.

technical details

Lamp Type HID
Maximum lamp power 400W
ON/ OFF  function yes
Dimming yes
Dimming range 30%-100% (depending on load)
Dimming steps 1%
Control interface internal
Network interface PowerLine CENELEC-C band
Communication protocol LONWORKS/ANSI709.1
Retransmission mechanism yes
Power supply 230VAC / 50Hz – 60Hz
Overvoltage protection 5 minutes @ 400VAC
Power consumption Max. 2W
IP rating IP67
Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C
Dimensions (length x width x height) 168 x 75 x 51 mm
Certifications CE, EN 50065-1 (2005), EN 50065-2-1 (2003),EN
61547 (2010), EN 55015 (2007), EN 61000-3-2
(2006), 60068-2-1 (2007),60068-2-2 (2007),
ANSI/IEC 60529

measured parameters

Lamp power yes
Line voltage yes
Current yes
Active power yes
Reactive power yes
Apparent power yes
Power factor yes
Energy consumption (active/ reactive) yes
Running hours yes

alarms monitored

Over/ under voltage detection yes
Over/ under current detection yes
Lamp or ballast fault detection yes
Device failure yes

configurable parameters

Auto on enabled/disabled/ auto on time yes
Auto off enabled/disabled/auto off time yes
Start state: ON/OFF yes
ON/OFF power threshold yes
Overvoltage threshold yes
Output transfer function
Strike retry count yes
Fade time
Lamp warming time yes
Lamp cooldown time yes
Operation mode ON/ OFF / dimming
Optional sensors available Pole door open, pole impact detection, pole ground missing