The Port of Casablanca, Morocco, taps into the benefits of the inteliLIGHT’s smart lighting solution – energy savings and improved safety

The Port of Casablanca, Morocco, taps into the benefits of the inteliLIGHT’s smart lighting solution – energy savings and improved safety

Flashnet together with Optimum Light will respond to the specific needs of the port of Casablanca by installing high power lamps as part of a future-proof smart lighting solution. The installation of inteliLIGHT NB-IoT controllers will allow autonomous lighting operation and real-time control for the port lighting, aiming for a smooth and safe running of all port’s activities.

The largest port in Morocco, the port of Casablanca, is recognized for its strong emphasis on commercial trade, featuring a fishing port, a marina, a commercial port and other facilities for launching and docking ships. After a substantial effort of modernising the lighting infrastructure and switching to LED, the Casablanca port’s authority decided to invest in a smart public lighting system.

Energy consumption can account for a large portion of a port’s operating expenses and the inteliLIGHT smart lighting solutions provides a system that meets the demanding operational needs of the port, while reducing the carbon footprint and improving security. Also, with a similar project in a port from Oman, Flashnet is no stranger to port lighting. On top of that, the inteliLIGHT smart lighting solution was integrated with the support of Optimum Light, a company specialized in the management of public lighting services that was our local partner.

Flashnet uses a flexible mindset and an approach that adapts to the needs of each project. This was one of the reasons why the port has opted for the integration of inteliLGHT’s smart lighting solution, which was able to take into account the port’s particularities. In order to meet the illumination requirements, the port has opted for high-power lighting fixtures (950W), which are three times more powerful than conventional lamps for street lighting. Accordingly, Flashnet installed in-pole controllers adapted for high power, with respective antennas. Another need was the hardware and software adaptation for reading the electric parameters for these high power lamps, requirement that was quickly met by Flashnet.

Thanks to the installed NB-IoT controllers which communicate via already established mobile networks (GSM), the port can now take advantage of a series of benefits: from a better lighting awareness, real-time control and information regarding the entire lighting infrastructure. Modernising and upgrading the port’s lighting system will also provide opportunities for lowering the carbon footprint and energy consumption by becoming greener and more efficient.

Through lighting control the luminaires can be dimmed at the moments when no activities are occurring, while focusing on illuminating the port’s key areas that need greater visibility. One of them is the port’s 17 km long rail network, as the tracks need to be appropriately illuminated to make sure that the approaching trains can be seen by everyone.

Besides bringing energy savings, the inteliLIGHT’s dynamic dimming and remote control options will bring an increase in safety too. For example, the large container areas found in ports and the area surrounding the cranes might require more attention, mainly because these zones are where a large amount of work activities take place. Therefore, through a smart lighting solution, sufficient lighting is ensured in order to avoid injuries and boost employees’ productivity.

Moreover, the ports usually deal with excessive and uncontrolled brightness causing glare, which may increase the risks of accidents. Through a proper control of light with the inteliLIGHT’s dimming capabilities, the desired light intensity can be selected.

As part of the deployment process, Flashnet is committed to provide permanent technical support, including initial training sessions to the port authority so that the personnel will be able to make informed decisions towards energy and cost-efficiency.

Due to the fact that the NB-IoT street lighting technology can be easily integrated with other solutions, the port will be able to adopt new applications in the future, like systems for traffic management or for detecting unauthorized activity around the port. More than that, this initiative will also unlock new opportunities for smart ports and industrial IoT platforms around the country.

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