inteliLIGHT® FRE-24-ZHAGA-L LoRaWAN compatible luminaire controller

Available from Q2 2019

  • ZHAGA socket (book18).
  • Enables individual remote management of streetlight lamps with DALI 2 driver (ON/ OFF/ Dimming).
  • Specially designed and optimized for LoRaWAN™ (long range RF wide area networks).
  • Autonomous operation based on predefined schedules, light level sensor and adaptive lighting.
  • Adaptive lighting capabilities based on digital input for motion sensing.
  • Bandwidth efficient with minimal communication requirements.
  • Secure communication based on encryption keys.
  • Electrical parameters monitoring: (measured by DALI2 driver): V, W, A, Wh, PF and frequency.
  • Advanced data synchronization and notification mechanism.
  • Battery operated RTC, protected against unforeseen communication failure.
  • External infrared interface for security keys transfer and local configuration.
  • Integrated light level sensor.
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware update.
  • Designed lifetime: 10+ years.

technical details

Lamp Type LED, CF, HID  with DALI 2 driver
Connection Zhaga (book 18)
Functions / Operation mode ON/ OFF /  Dimming
Dimming range 10%-100%
Dimming steps stepless
Control interface DALI 2 (IEC 62386)
External interface infrared
Network interface LoRaWANTM
RF spectrum 868MHz  / 915MHz / 923MHz
Firmware update IR (infrared) / OTA (over the air)
GPS optional
Communication protocol LoRaWANM: Class C or Class A
Security Encrypted communication based on security keys
Power supply 24 VDC
Internal scheduling memory 16 events
Average power consumption 0.5W
Maximum power consumption 1W
Precision Real Time Clock (RTC) Battery operated
Real-time lamp operation LoRaWANM Class C networks only
IP rating IP66
Operating temperature range -25°C to +65°C
Dimensions  (diameter x height) 80 x 35 mm
Compliant standards CE, RoHS, EN 61000-3-2(2014), EN 61547(2009), EN 60068-2-1(2007), EN 60068-2-2(2007), Prequalified according to ETSI EN 300 220

measured parameters

  • Lamp power
  • Line voltage
  • Current
  • Active power
  • Power factor
  • Energy consumption
  • Lamp / controller – running hours counter
  • Lamp On / Off cycles counter

configurable parameters

  • Astronomical calendar scheduler
  • Predefined scheduler
  • Start state ( Photocell / Schedule / Manual)
  • ON/OFF power threshold
  • Over/ under voltage threshold
  • Over/ under current threshold
  • Strike retry count
  • Fade time
  • Light level threshold
  • Data transmission setup
  • Alert priority setup

alarms monitored

  • Over/ under voltage detection
  • Over/ under current detection
  • Lamp or ballast fault detection
  • Device failure
FRE-24-ZHAGA-L Luminaire Controller - Data Sheet