The Guidehouse report acknowledges Flashnet for its solid foundation for growth and long-term success

“Flashnet are leading significant city deployments and developing innovative street lighting technology solutions that integrate with the broader smart cities market”, says a Guidehouse report on Smart Street Lighting Vendors

An independent study conducted by Guidehouse Insights (previously known as Navigant Research) evaluates the global market for smart street lighting to be worth $992 million in 2020. Moreover, the same study estimates that annual revenue is likely to grow to over $8.3 billion by 2029, which points towards an upward trend in the industry. It would appear that, even though the new coronavirus has had a major negative impact on the global economy, the smart street lighting field has not suffered quite as much and is expected to continue growing.

Flashnet, one of the companies to make the top 5 list of smart street lighting vendors, has been remarked for its strategy and execution, which have built a solid foundation for business growth and long-term success. Whether it is hardware, software or communication, Flashnet has a strong portfolio of smart lighting product solutions that cover all market needs. One of the first companies in the world to release a low power wide area network (LoRaWAN), NB-IoT, LTE-M and Sigfox compatible smart lighting solution, the company has also developed Wi-SUN connectivity for their products through a partnership with Cisco.

The Guidehouse report acknowledges Flashnet for its solid foundation for growth and long-term success

The smart lighting market proposes increasingly more products that allow a lighting system to act as a platform for smart city applications. The Guidehouse report found that Flashnet is one of the leaders in product integration. The company offers add-on smart city applications such as security infrastructure, environmental sensors, and EV charging stations. Additionally, Flashnet products have been integrated with major smart city platforms from companies such as Cisco (Kinetic, Jasper), Ericsson (IoT Accelerator), or Deutsche Telekom (Cloud of Things). Due to these integration benefits, more than half of Flashnet’s customers have added other applications beyond lighting over the past 18 months.

“FLASHNET has reported significant traction with various cities and existing customers using smart street lighting as a platform for smart city applications.”

While over 90% of smart streetlights are currently connected via non-cellular communication, cellular networks are gaining traction and are expected to grow steadily during the next five years. The emergence of 5G accelerates the uptake of low power cellular networks such as NB-IoT or LTE-M which is why Flashnet has developed inteliLIGHT® NB-ioT/LTE-M compatible system components.

The Guidehouse study also emphasises Flasnet’s merit in being innovative and staying up to date in the intelligent public lighting market. In the second quarter of this year, FLASHNET will be releasing their third generation inteliLIGHT CMS software, which will bring several improved features. Higher levels of scalability, machine learning and AI, improved asset management (to include both connected and non-connected streetlights), maintenance and workflow optimization,and TALQ2 compatibility are just some of these upgraded features. The new CMS 3 is part of ENGIE Livin’, a software suite designed for city infrastructure operators.

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