inteliLIGHT® NB-IoT, outstanding interest during Telekom’s Prototyping Hub Summit in Bonn

Hundreds of participants had the opportunity to experience and learn more about inteliLIGHT® street lighting control solution and its NB-IoT compatibility.

Brasov, ROMANIA, 27 March 2017

NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) is Telekom’s bet for changing the world of mass market IoT applications. The carrier-grade technology uses existing GSM infrastructure to provide almost omnipresent connectivity for millions of low-consumption devices anywhere within existing coverage. To stimulate its development, Deutsche Telekom has initiated the NB-IoT prototyping hub, that encouraged NB-IoT applications to be developed and tested during the last year.

This time in Bonn, hundreds of Telekom and hub:raum employees and partners have gathered to find out the latest news regarding the applications initiated in 2016 and presented at MWC in early 2017. The participants had the opportunity, besides watching informative presentations, to see the actual prototypes and use cases, getting to know the program solution partners, developers and other members of the NB-IoT ecosystem.

This event has been the closing summit for the program that started in Autumn of 2016. In the past 6 months, several meetups and developing workshops have taken place, eventually succeeding to create an industry ecosystem that combines entrepreneurs, start-ups and grown-ups to build viable products and customer-oriented applications. Besides inteliLIGHT, 15 other functional prototypes have been showcased, all on the same infrastructure, and integrated with the Deutsche Telekom Cloud of Things, including smart parking, smart metering, smart waste management, environmental monitoring and asset tracking.

inteliLIGHT® is a smart streetlight control system that transforms any legacy lighting installation into a modern and proactive infrastructure. The city management gains awareness and control over the entire street lighting grid, together with improved scheduling and maintenance applications. Furthermore, the street lighting grid remains powered up during the day, providing power and communications for additional IoT devices and applications.

Just out of the MWC in Barcelona and Embedded World in Nuremberg, the inteliLIGHT® NB-IoT controller proved its functionality once again and was one of the main visitor focuses. All inteliLIGHT® controllers are available in three different form factors, and the one using NB-IoT to communicate makes no difference: as a wired upgrade for existing lighting installations, as a 7-pin NEMA connectable device (ANSI C136.41) or compact form, to be embedded into luminaries right from the production line.

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