A modern streetlight management system, presented in one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Control, maintain and plan for the perfect street lighting and smart city infrastructure.

We would like to thank all our visitors in Dubai this year, we were honored by their interest in our street lighting management solution. Also, we must extend our gratitude towards the Romanian Embassy in the UAE for their local support, and especially to the economic consul in Dubai.

Light Middle East 2014 presented 325 exhibitors from 27 countries, showcasing an impressive range of international brands. inteliLIGHT®’s street lighting remote management solution stood out in Dubai as one of the most adaptable to the local needs, being easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and open to new smart city functionalities.

We were proud to present a fully functional inteliLIGHT® system in our booth, with live system demonstrations and testing. This way, the possibility to see how the system actually works, both hardware and software, was the main attraction for all our visitors: manufacturers, architects, designers, consultants, engineers, construction companies and government officials alike.

In total, more than 150 professionals were interested to find out more about our street lighting solution, with most of them being already aware of the latest developments in this field. This gave our team the opportunity to confirm with the potential customers technical details like communications setup, open-protocol benefits in large scale sensors and security infrastructure integration or even pilot project implementation opportunities.

inteliLIGHT® is an state of the art, integrated street lighting management solution developed by Flashnet that currently manages more than 60.000 luminaries. From Europe to Middle East and Asia, millions of people have already witnessed our technologies. Since Flashnet’s establishment in 2005, we have been creating smarter street lighting grids and smarter cities, improving resource management and overall quality of life in remarkable cities all over the world, like Jakarta, Mecca, Riyadh or Brasov and we are looking forward to our future projects, worldwide.