The first lighting controller in the world built using the innovative LoRa ™ technology (Long Range RF) will be available for demonstrations at the light + building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany (March 13th-18th, 2016)

The first street lighting controller in the world based on the LoRa™ technology

Street lighting smart management systems are rapidly evolving, developing and adopting new communication technologies and new features – as inteliLIGHT® has built the first luminaire controller using the LoRa ™ technology (Long Range radio communication). This development makes it easier, faster and more economical to install and operate a telemanagement system, even in large geographical areas and without pre-existing communication infrastructure.

Besides the modern and attractive design, the new inteliLIGHT® LoRa™ controller is also extremely robust and provides unprecedented lamp-level functionality and intelligence, enabling individual remote management of any streetlight and making the entire system fail-proof, able to function independently, even in the case of communication and/or power failures.

Monitoring electrical parameters and creating a Smart City platform

The controller also carries out independent measurements and analysis of different lamp electrical parameters (active and reactive energy, current, voltage, active and reactive power, power factor and frequency) and communicates all the information through an advanced synchronization mechanism, while any lamp errors and malfunctions are reported in real time.

Also, while ensuring street lighting’s safe and fail-proof operation, inteliLIGHT® offers the possibility to keep the lighting grid powered during daytime, thus providing citywide continuous power supply availability for any additional equipment. This opens the door for countless smart city applications, from street lighting based EV charging to any smart city device controlled and sensors connected throughout the city – a true smart city platform based on LoRaWAN™ and inteliLIGHT® infrastructure.

LoRaWAN™ functions as a star-shaped radio network, where each base station can communicate with up to 20,000 devices in a range of up to 15km (depending on the urban density and communication requirements). In addition, each inteliLIGHT® LoRa™ controller can communicate with one or more base stations, depending on the inteliLIGHT® Network Management Server priorities – offering high stability for critical applications, as street lighting control.

inteliLIGHT® street  lighting management system, present  at Messe Frankfurt in 2016

To learn more about the LoRa(R) radio communication technnology in general and its role in the faster installation and the cost-efficient operation of a connected street lighting system in particular, please visit us at the Frankfurt Messe between 13-th and 18-th of March, Urban Lighting Area pavilion, Hall 4.1 Stand K34.