GSMA view – Connecting Cities to a Smart Future

GSMA view - Connecting Cities to a Smart Future

Smart manhole covers, remote controlled streetlights, sophisticated damage detection systems, smart parking solutions and much more: the Mobile Internet of Things (Mobile IoT) can improve many aspects of urban life. Exhibitors at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona demonstrated how an expanding array of smart city solutions are employing the cost-effective low power wide area (LPWA) connectivity delivered by Mobile IoT technologies to enhance city living.

Although Mobile IoT technologies are still relatively new, the start-ups participating in the GSMA Mobile IoT Innovators Showcase are close to commercialising their solutions. Together with Deutsche Telekom, Flashnet has deployed its street lighting solution and some other NB-IoT-based applications in Patras in Greece, and for a pilot in Bonn, Germany. “For now we see the most interest in NB-IoT to come from Europe, and most probably the European NB-IoT based projects will be pioneers around the world, but we expect that with time interest will grow in the Middle East and in Asia as well,” says Orsolya Szallos-Kis, Sales Engineer at Flashnet.

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