inteliLIGHT® Pre-order Questionnaire

    The following questionnaire allows us to custom tailor the products that you acquired to your needs and in order to avoid inconsistency the answers need to accurately represent your needs. For further assistance please contact technical support department on email,, or on emergency support phone number +40 735 206 033.

    Please specify the lamp driver Dimming Protocol.*

    Non-dimmable0-10V/ 1-10VDALIDALI 2Other (please give details):

    Please specify the Start-state (this is a feature that turns on the lamp at power-up even if there is no scheduler defined, default is Active):*


    1. Where is the installation located (City, COUNTRY)?*

    2. What is the total number of street lighting luminaires for the project?*

    3. Does the project require feeder pillar level control and monitoring?*

    NoYes (number):

    4. What is the type of the ballast/driver of the luminaires included in the project?*

    Non-dimmableDimmable 0-10V or 1-10VDimmable DALIDimmable other (please give details):

    5. What is the type of bulb?

    HPS (High Pressure Sodium)MH (Metal Halide)LPS (Low Pressure Sodium)LED (Light Emitting Diode)HalogenIncandescentInduction lightOther:

    6. Please specify the number of lamps for each lamp wattage:

    7. What is your street lighting network voltage?*


    8. Is there an existing LoRaWAN network in the area?*



    Please specify:

    9. Please confirm if in the area of the project one of the below regional parameter settings can be used, as described in the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 specifications:

    EU 868MHzUS 915MHzAU 923MHzAS 923MHzSK 923MHzOther:

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