EBV’s Lighting Academy 2017 featured inteliLIGHT® LoRaWAN™ Compatible Street Lighting and Smart City Controls

EBV’s Lighting Academy, at its third edition in 2017, features the newest lighting technologies and upcoming trends to enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world.

Brasov, ROMANIA – 29-th June 2017

No matter if you are a fan of lighting installations or a professional expert, Berlin in Germany was the place to be last week for anyone who’s into lighting. EBV Lighting Academy took place for the second time in Berlin and gathered speakers from all around the world, from diverse technological backgrounds and product categories.

The conference was segmented in two parts, one for every day of the event: Design Day and Technology Day. Flashnet was invited to present inteliLIGHT’s LPWAN solution (using one or more long range, low power IoT communication technologies) and its Smart City vision at the beginning of the Design Day, together with Cisco and remarkable lighting systems manufacturers and designers.

During the second day, the Technology Day, the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany gave a glimpse into the future of SSL (Tailored Light Applications in the Nanoscale) and the Lighting Research Center, Troy, NY, USA figured out “Flicker Parameters for Reducing Stroboscopic Effects from Solid-State Lighting Systems”. Well-acknowledged research institutes Fraunhofer IOF and IPMS presented the latest developments in micro-optics and LiFi, Nordic Power Converters covered Electronics Design developments with “Very High Frequency LED Drivers”, complemented by Mentor Graphics with Computational Fluid Design.

inteliLIGHT® is a smart streetlight control system that transforms any legacy lighting installation into a modern and proactive infrastructure. The city management gains awareness and control over the entire street lighting grid, together with improved scheduling and maintenance applications. Furthermore, LPWAN are modern, long range, low bitrate radio communication technologies that allow incredibly fast deployments and lower implementation costs, regardless of the geographic restraints or power supply conditions.

Street lighting is one of the most visible and sensitive city services. Implementing a smart lighting control system and integrating it with others (like energy & water supply, traffic & waste management, parking & mass transit optimization, Wi-Fi connectivity) can create the synergies needed by a smart city. But there’s more: streetlight control also enables other smart city services, as it provides city-wide continuous power supply and communication.

“We consider inteliLIGHT® to be not only a lighting control solution, but a smart city platform with endless development possibilities. We integrate multiple communications technologies within the same system and encourage API connectivity with established Smart City Management solutions. We provide power and connectivity. And with lightning fast and affordable implementations, there is only one question remaining: why not smart up the entire street lighting, today?” assessed during his presentation Mr. George Zaharia, inteliLIGHT® Division Manager of Flashnet.

About EBV Elektronik

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FLASHNET is a fast-paced tech company that integrates the latest IT, energy and telecommunications technologies into hardware and software solutions, creating and implementing intelligent systems for smarter cities and better infrastructure. Founded in 2005, FLASHNET is a leader in intelligent utility management systems, with worldwide operations. Flashnet is a member of the LoRa Alliance™. (www.flashnet.ro)

About inteliLIGHT®

inteliLIGHT® is a smart street lighting control solution that offers detailed lamp-level management capabilities and ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed. In-depth grid awareness is obtained through accurate utility-grade readings of any changes occurring along the grid, reducing energy loss and offering advanced maintenance optimization tools. Using the existing infrastructure, you can have live detailed information over the grid and transform the existing distribution level network into an intelligent infrastructure of the future. (www.inteliLIGHT.eu)