Automatic street lighting control and fault detection for smart, flexible and responsible cities

For achieving the ambitious goals of cities, street lights are expected to go beyond their basic purpose of illuminating public spaces. They are being asked to reduce energy consumption, improve safety for all the traffic participants, reduce the overall grid management and be transformed into a strong foundation for other IoT applications. How could an automatic street lighting system do all of that?

Smart street lighting paves the way for smart cities all over the world

From street lighting to smart lighting. From smart lighting to smart cities. Driven by the need of sustainability and control, cities are embracing smart solutions. This article has identified some of those drivers and answered what makes street lighting a fantastic infrastructure option for smart city development. It explains how other technologies can be added to the lighting system and what is the role of IoT communication technologies in the integration of smart applications.

Individual vs Segment Streetlight Controllers

If the smart controller is installed with every lamp, then we have individual control. The system can collect information and control each lamp in the grid. However, if installed inside the feeder pillar, smart controllers enable segment-level lighting for a cluster of lamps. It’s more affordable and faster to deploy, but you lose some pretty important perks. Both individual and segment controllers allow on/off control, either from a computer or a mobile phone, electrical grid feedback, and even completely autonomous lighting operation.

Smart streetlights? 5 things you need to know.

Streetlights are a core element of any public lighting system. Nowadays, modern lamps can accommodate smart controllers for remote street lighting management. However, did you know that even older lighting infrastructures can receive a smart layer? This article will answer 5 of the most important and relevant questions about smart street lamps, to help you make an informed decision when choosing a street lighting system for your project.

Which Communication Technologies to choose for your Smart Street Lighting project?

Smart cities are already here and everyone feels the vibe. But the increasing IoT ambitions has generated a surge in communication technologies, and things have quickly become confusing. There are tens of communication standards, open or proprietary, that you can choose from. And with everyone claiming they are the best, what are your options?

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