Gheorgheni, Romania, uses theinteliLIGHT smart street lighting solution to prioritize lighting for pedestrian safety

Gheorgheni, Romania, uses the inteliLIGHT smart street lighting solution to prioritize lighting for pedestrian safety

Gheorgheni, a small town with great plans, decided to modernise the public street lighting system throughout the entire town with the main objectives of saving energy and ensuring the safety of its residents. And the inteliLIGHT smart street lighting solution that was chosen by Elba will aid the town in improving road safety and reduce energy loss by integrating sensors for pedestrian crossings.

Gheorgheni is a municipality in Harghita County, Romania, located in the Székely Land, an historic and ethnographic area in the southeastern part of Transylvania. With a well thought strategy for the future, what stayed at the base of the Romanian town’s decision to become smarter and more efficient is an extensive modernization plan of the lighting grid.

Up to 1200 lamps will be replaced and upgraded to a modern street lighting control system using ELBA’s modern LED technology together with inteliLIGHT’s reliable LoRaWAN compatible controllers. This new system will allow the central control of lighting, and will be able to communicate maintenance needs automatically, providing accurate and complete information about faults. Detailed street lighting control (on/off and dimming) allows setting up custom lighting schedules depending on pedestrian and traffic density, leading to more than 20% energy savings and a decrease in maintenance costs.

A main concern for the town’s municipality was the well-being and safety of the over 22 000 inhabitants. It was determined that the smart lighting system could prove the solution not only for lighting the streets, but also for avoiding road accidents on pedestrian crossings.

Therefore, a number of 21 crosswalks will be equipped with motion sensors mounted on the lighting poles. The inteliLIGHT smart street lighting solution will help to ensure that pedestrians are highly visible to drivers, right from the distance, especially at night, and that pedestrians’ way is illuminated enough. That will be possible by providing additional lighting triggered by automated detection of pedestrians. When pedestrian crossings are not being used, the lighting will be reduced using inteliLIGHT’s adaptive lighting capabilities. This means that the city will save energy and decrease costs while ensuring the safety of the community.

In collaboration with ELBA-COM, Flashnet is determined to support the town’s efforts of providing a highly efficient and sustainable public lighting service that promotes low energy consumption, low maintenance costs and a sustainable infrastructure.


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