Why has inteliLIGHT® been the IoT streetlight control solution of choice during Mobile World Congress 2018?

Smart cities are getting smarter, as the future of IoT communications and synergistic integrations is being written under our very eyes. Street lighting is a critical city service, and FLASHNET’s unique approach has been lighting the way during the mobile industry’s most hyper-tech, future-defining event of the year.

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Increased interest for energy efficient street lighting management at Light + Building 2014

  Thank you all for visiting us in Light + Building fair in Frankfurt. Potential customers or simply interested techy people, we did our best to present and demonstrate inteliLIGHT® to everyone. And together with our energy efficient street lighting management solution, the “near zero street lighting energy costs” project, the newest technology developed in [...]

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Designed for carrying out measurements and analysis of different parameters in street lighting grids. Under/overpower monitoring, voltage monitoring, phase failure and daytime/nighttime consumption mismatches are reported in real-time to the central server. The analyzers measure several parameters: power factor, active/reactive/apparent power, voltage, current, frequency, daily active/ reactive energy and offer configuration options for other parameters like: current transformer ratio, voltage/power thresholds and daytime/nighttime consumption thresholds.

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