An industrialarea in Saudi Arabia uses the inteliLIGHT solution to optimize outdoor lighting costs and improve control

Industrial area in Saudi Arabia uses the inteliLIGHT smart street solution

Saudi Delta Group installed Flashnet’s lighting cabinet controllers in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The industrial area, developed and supervised by Modon, aimed the optimization of energy consumption and maintenance without affecting the day to day activities. inteliLIGHT smart street lighting solution has proven the best way for the industrial area to gain awareness, smart autonomous lighting operation and energy savings.

Overseeing 35 industrial cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Modon (The Saudi Industrial Property Authority) develops and manages industrial cities and technology zones, while also being responsible for complete gated communities for the city workers and their families. The developed industrial lands exceed 198.8 million square meters, the existing industrial cities comprising 3,600 operational factories.

As the industries all around the world become more connected and dependent on automation and information, the Dammam industrial area overseen by Modon has decided to switch from manually controlled lamps to an intelligent lighting solution that decreases costs and improves the reliability and efficiency of outdoor lighting. And the inteliLiGHT intelligent lighting system was able to equip the industrial zone with more than that, The solution also guarantees autonomous lighting operation, meaning that street lighting operates regardless of any interruption in the communication infrastructure.

Dammam is the sixth-most populated city in Saudi Arabia, being considered a contemporary urban and industrial center. Once a small coastal settlement, the city has developed quickly into a major seaport, a petroleum and natural gas centre. In line with Modon’s vision of promoting sustainable growth and economic developement, the area’s decision was driven by the desire to make the move to a smart solution that brings decreases in energy costs, reduced maintenance, safety and a series of other benefits for the community.

With over 9 years of continuous collaboration with Saudi Delta Group, inteliLIGHT has been supporting the Saudi interest in developing modern technologies with smart street lighting projects in cities like Arar, Unaizah, Kharj, Qatif, Dalam and of course, the capital Riyadh.

As part of a bigger project, the solution implemented in Dammam will use FRCM cabinet controllers that use GSM/NB-IoT/LTE-M communications, for their excellent penetration in dense urban areas, carrier grade security and proven reliability. Installed inside the feeder pillars, the FRCMs will provide the city autonomous lighting operation based on predefined astronomic calendar and/or external light level sensors. The entire lighting network will connect and communicate with the inteliLIGHT Streetlight Control Software, which will allow the administration to control and monitor the street lighting of the entire industrial area.

This initiative not only benefits the community, including the employees, but it is also a great resource saver for the businesses operating in the industrial area, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs all at once, which will transform the industrial area into one that is more efficient, more flexible and more environmentally friendly.

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