inteliLIGHT® Pre-order Questionnaire for LoRaWAN™ compatible solution

    Dear Customer! Completing the following questionnaire will help us to custom tailor the products you ordered to your needs. Please go through it and make sure you respond to each question correctly – it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 minutes to complete. Thank you for your support!

    1. Deployment country, city (coordinates and timezone are used for schedule):*

    2. Please complete details of users you would like to setup, including user rights:

    Observation: Admin user rights give access to administrative unit management, user managements and system settings. In case of providing admin access to customers Flashnet no longer takes responsibility in case that the improper use of the software causes issues. Recommended is view only or general use user rights setup.

    User 1:

    User 2:

    User 3:

    3. How many administrative units should be set up, please provide names too.

    An administrative unit (AU) can be used to define different areas in a city, or to manage multiple projects in various locations from one main software instance. Skip if not required.

    4. Software setup: cloud hosting or private installation

    Private installations only possible for quantities >1000 units or in case of Pilot Project Offline

    CloudPrivate installation

    5. Can you confirm that the LoRaWAN infrastructure information provided in the presales questionnaire is still valid? (network server, regional parameters)


    please specify LoRaWAN infrastructure details regarding network server and regional parameters used:

    6. Please confirm the regional parameter settings to be used, as described in the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 specifications:

    EU 868MHzUS 915MHzAU 923MHzAS 923MHzSK 923MHzOther:

    7. What interface are you going to use for the dimming of the lamps?


    8. Are you going to use the smart phone application provided by Flashnet for the commissioning of the controllers?

    Yes, please send me manual at the delivery of controllers.No, please add the controllers in the software interface before delivery.

    9. Do you require API connection to the Flashnet Network Management Software?


    After you receive your order, please contact our technical support department for any questions you may have about our solution on the below details:

    Phone: +40 371 136 128

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