Together, we will build a solid business case to prove that inteliLIGHT®, through its energy savings and management improvements, is a green, future proof and sustainable solution. And if your budget cannot afford the initial investment, inteliLIGHT® is perfectly tailored for ESCO or other innovative financing methods.

Business Case

We will help build a solid business case,

to demonstrate how will your city benefit from installing inteliLIGHT®, both on short and long term. Almost immediate energy savings, easier maintenance, the possibility to implement smart services and overall increasing the quality of your lighting services will convince any stakeholders of the project. Also, cutting down energy consumption alone will be able to return your investment in the following years, without considering the smart city benefits, other possible savings or income opportunities.

We can assist you in finding the financing solution to fit your needs.

As we implemented several projects worldwide, we are prepared to accept the challenges of external financing requirements. Also, we can present you with financing ideas that worked for inteliLIGHT® before, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

inteliLIGHT® is perfectly tailored for ESCO innovative financing methods.

Especially if your budget cannot afford another stretch, we can help you prepare and apply for an ESCO financing solution. ESCOs (Energy Savings Companies) are specialized in financing projects that guarantee reducing of energy costs. The savings in energy costs are used to pay back the capital investment of the project over a five to twenty years period, giving you the full benefits of inteliLIGHT® without any significant initial investment.