why technology licensing?

Developing a street lighting control solution can be a costly endeavor, both in terms of time and resources invested. It can take years until a fail proof street lighting control system can meet customer expectations.

Furthermore, communication technology innovations can rapidly change the game, affecting product competitiveness even before it could launch.

  • Shortest time to market: start selling within days.
  • Low investment risks: you only pay for what you manufacture and sell.
  • Production and supply control
  • Avoid import and tax related commercial issues

why licensing a street lighting control  solution?

With only ~ 2% of street lighting being controlled through a smart system by the end of 2015, the market is expected to increase exponentially in the next 10 years, reaching 40% of all ~ 300 million street lights worldwide and a value of $10 billion (according to Northeast Group “Global LED and Smart Street Lighting 2015-2025” research paper).

With this amount of potential, the competition is growing rapidly and time to market is of the essence.

Why license  inteliLIGHT® products?

  • Already proven smart street lighting system: tested by hundreds of integrators and users across the world
  • Since its initial market launch in 2008, customer feedback and actual implementation experience have continuously improved inteliLIGHT®
  • The system offers a wide range of communication technologies and adapts to different field situations and customers needs: power line communication, long range radio etc.
  • Future oriented: uses open communication protocols and can easily integrate with third-party components, existing and future city systems
  • One stop shop: from hardware and software development to sales guidance and tech support we can offer you a complete solution.

how does licensing work?

We provide all the know-how needed to build the products and implement the solution from scratch: circuit schematics, embedded software files and the control software in exchange of a royalty fee.

What does the licensing package include?

Hardware design:

  • Bill of materials for all electronic components;
  • Electronic circuits schematics;
  • Programming and testing procedures.

Embedded software:

  • Application firmware  binary file
  • Communication firmware binary file

End user interface: