Every small gesture counts when you can somehow improve the ecosystem. The use of alternative energy for cars is a change that would have a profound impact on the environment and will significantly improve the comfort of living in a large city – and electric vehicles promise to do just that. EV charging stations are still quite rare though, and people hesitate to buy electric cars on this ground. But with electric vehicle chargers  built on the inteliLIGHT® street lighting infrastructure, you can implement charging stations everywhere in the city in months.

During the day, the entire street lighting grid electrical capacity can be used for EV charging, while during the night inteliLIGHT® can measure and allocate energy to balance both the street lighting and EV charging needs. And by progressively dimming the street lights, we can free energy capacity for faster EV charging. You can thus transform the street lighting grid, otherwise inert during the day, into a real asset for the city and its community.

This way, the EV Charging becomes an affordable solution, fast and easy to deploy. The devices can be installed along the street lighting grid everywhere in the city, without any significant additional investments and avoiding any civil works. Compared to the existing solutions, this would enable a denser network of charging stations, thus largely encouraging the use of electric vehicles. The future of electric cars is no longer a distant dream.

We have also developed AAA (Authentication/Authorization/Accounting), an integrated system that allows consumers to check into the system, charge their cars and then make the payment electronically. So besides reduced CO2 emissions and noise pollution, EV charging system will also generate additional incomes and help compensate for other costs, such as lighting the city.

In October 2014, with the support of our partners at CERENT (http://cerent.hu/), we have publicly tested the Electric Vehicle charging system. Using a BMW i3 and an SMS paying service connected to the inteliLIGHT® system, we succeeded to charge the car directly from the street lighting grid in Brasov, Romania. Read more about the successful outcome of this experience in our dedicated article.